We are capable to complete any types of mega construction like bridge, flyover, power plant and railway. We have hammer for load test and sheet pile, have also hydraulic piling machine, crane, dump truck, excavator, back-ho-loader and man lift. So we are capable to complete any types of mega construction.



There have available technological, mechanical, logistic facilities in A. H. CAGO SERVICE. In Bangladesh maximum company take various technical and mechanical supports from us. We have goodwill to provide these perfectly. If it is in remote side, we are fully capable to complete this. Many bridge, culvert and box culvert took mechanical and technological support from us.



Our main achievement from 2010 to till now Jatrabari- Gulistan / Mayor mohammad Hanif flyover and Moghbazar - Malibagh flyover. Under Dhaka South City Corporation, Orion Group, Toma and Simplex we was the number one sub contractor. We have Piling experience with a skilled engineer’s team. In moghbazar – Malibagh flyover we complete maximum I-Guarder, crash barrier, middle barrier and Segment work. In hanif flyover every segment was completed bu us. We have the technology and engineer’s team of Box- Guider.


Piling Works

We have Hydraulic rig machine to complete any types of piling work with casing drive, reinforcement and concrete.

    From a humble beginning in 1990, A.H. Cargo Service has become a trusted name in the fields of Logistics business in Bangladesh over the past decade. What started with one small office room with just one office staff, today A.H. Cargo Service spans its wing across the whole country.


    D/61, Painadi Natun Maholla, Siddhirgonj, Narayangonj


    +880 1711 204 959